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I always try to do my personal projects to help and make people happy. So I decided to upload some of my designs under a Open Source Licence, so anyone can enjoy them or even make some money.


Web_Guido Gentile_OS_2021_Katan b


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I was always struck by craft fairs, very lively and diverse spaces, in which everyone shares what they do. The few times I ferie, I really enjoyed it, direct contact with the other and share a little history of what it takes.

Developing my "product line" for fairs, I considered that ingenuity games were something that never fails, so searching, I found a page called and I saw incredible things.

I chose some and redesigned them so they can be done with a laser cutter, and anyone can make their own.

Process: Lasser cutting

ACRYLIC 4 mm. Thickness A5 piece

Stimated time: 2 min.

First redesign of a product that I made for fun for a merchandising company in Rio de Janeiro. They liked what I had done, and they granted me the authorization to market it in Argentina. Oficina 021 is the name of the carioca company, everything they do has always been very inspiring, as solved by the inserts, the figures they achieve and their efficient packaging. If you are going to try to make one on your own, be careful and before sending to cut, check the thickness of the material you are going to use with precision. All inserts depend on it. Good luck!

Process: Lasser cutting

MDF / MD 2.5 mm. Thickness A4 size wood board.

Stimated time: 10 min.

One of the first toys I designed to be 3D printed. It emerged in a very entertaining moment of distraction. It is inspired by the "Cubebot" that at the time I had seen on the Internet some photo, thought it was a Chinese, but then I did a little research and I found its creator, David Week.

Process: 3D Printing
Estimated time: 2 hs. / 0.2 layer height

I have a lot of love for this design, it was made to save the pencils from being left out of use. The idea came one day that I received one of my first humble salaries and wanted to give me something special to draw.

I knew I wanted a pencil extender, because I had already seen them. But when they arrived at the bookstore they were too expensive, so I went back home and started designing it. After several attempts and different ways of solving the same problem,

I was able to arrive at a series of designs that left me compliant. Once finished, I gave one to all my drawing classmates, it was a party.

Process: 3D Printing

Estimated time: 1 hs. / 0.2 layer height

At the end of my studies at the ISCV in Rosario, I migrated to Barcelona with the excuse of an exchange at the Escola Massana. Working in the pottery workshop, one of the professors commented on a call from the MACBA, which closed the next day. That same night, I presented the proposal and after a few days they told me that I had selected.

I did five unic pieces that were exhibited in the MACBA museum shop for three months. if you want you can download the files to make the plaster molds of your own "macba piece"

Process: 3D Printing + Ceramic Molding

Estimated time: 5 hs. / 0.2 layer height

Already in Barcelona, lost in social networks, instagram suggested that I see the call for a company specialized in laser cutting. The consignment consists of an indispensable object for a desk, it seemed like a fun proposal, so this is what emerged. Unfortunately, I did not win the contest, but the design was great, and the fact of using an A4 sheet as the axis of the design proportions made me feel very satisfied.

Process: Lasser cutting

MDF / MD 2.5 mm. Thickness A5 size wood board

Stimated time: 5 min.

This is my humble contribution to the fight for gender equality and militancy for women's rights. I was always shocked to see how they give a girl a set to wash the dishes, an ironing board, a broom, or something similar..

So I decided to design this house for dolls in a modular system, so that the girls have another playful option, that they can project, design, customize, their play space. In short, the intention of design is to put women in the Place of creator, inventor, innovator, who decides.

Process: Lasser cutting & 3D PrintingMDF / MD 3 mm. thickness

Estimated cutting time: 3 min. (each "wall")

Estimated time: 3 hours. / 0.2 layer height a basic set.

From the nostalgia of migrating, I redesigned this classic board game in honor of my friends.
It was designed so that everything can be easily manufactured from laser cut MDF plates as the only process.
Klaus Teuber is the creator of Catan, and this redesign was done with great respect, without profit or usury.

Process: Lasser cutting


4 mm. Thinkness for all the game and pieces 

2.5 mm. For the game and pieces boxes.

Stimated cutting time: 85 min.

Open Source Designs: Servicios
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