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"I won't resign the dream of a better world for all"

Happiness and joy is something that is built, day by day, working hard and is shared..


"IS NOT THE SAME if we don´t get involved"

..I come from a place where children starve, grow up on the streets and have been deprived of the possibility of "being someone"..

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"We´ll reach social equality developing social nets"

..that's why I know reality as it is. So from the depths of my essence I have the need to help others and I fight for change..


"Only working together we'll reach a positive change"

...I try to do it hard, even though sometimes I have to take care of myself and I can't give that much to the others.

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"All of them have the same spark, all of them can do it"

But I know that I will continue my whole life investing my spirit and soul in the fight for a better world.


"Today I help you, tomorrow you help another one"

In which all children and young people can be happy and grow up in a more just, more humane, more empathetic reality.

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Is not the same if we don´t get involved

Because they deserve it, because we all deserve it.