Yep, I spent many years studying, after school I did 4 years of Psychology but I didn’t fit in there, I wanted to help people, but then I realized that anyone can do social work from the stuff they like and decided to change. I joined the Industrial Design career in my city and I cracked it, got a scholarship and consequently, got another scholarship for a student exchange to finish my studies in Barcelona.



One aspect of working as an industrial designer that I enjoy the most, is to be able to draw an object or concept in three dimensions, modify it easyly, change its shape and test its variables.

First I learned to model with solids, then with meshes and surfaces and at this moment I find myself specializing in polygonal modeling and "hard surface".

I made this model for my nephew, who loves Baymax. Then we 3D printed it together and he did the painting.

Proyecto empresa.89.png


In my twenties, I realized that what I always liked to do is design. The whole process of having an idea and bringing it to earth, dealing with gravity and and the particularities of materials.

This is a redesign of a Precious Plastic shredder, made for a client that wanted to put some of them in public spaces to enable people and collectors to shredntheir plastics waste.

The course of the process of design in this case was set to optimise material, only use one type of squared section tube and only one steel sheet. And the machines used where a laser cutter, folding machine and MIG welding. This project was really entertaining.


Learning to render was one of the things that enabled me  to get many jobs, because I could show my clients in the simplest and most effectiveway what they needed.

Furthermore, they used use the images that I provided to them to close businesses, even to sell non-manufactured products.

It was a bit difficult to make them understand that for a render to look good it requires detailed modeling. Sometimes they asked me to render them without modeling. HA!

I did this job for a company that is responsible for manufacturing outdoor playgrounds for kids. In addition to making the designs, technical sheets asked me to make the renderings for the online and paper catalogues that where distributed to their clients.

untitled-Cámara 5.351.png


I love the power of synthesis that the technical plans have, using the resources of frames and line thicknesses.

I use the European system of isometric views, taking IRAM standards as a starting point, beyond which each company modifies them and gives more importance to certain points of them.

These Blueprints were made for a Bluetooth 2.1 audio system, of 8 pieces injected in plastic, the file was 23 sheets.


One of the things I enjoy most about the profession is that it keeps me connected to the drawing. Since childhood, I always liked to draw, but I thought that only the talented people drew, luckily on the way I learned that “practice makes perfect”.

I made these quick sketches to play a little with the possible shapes of a running bottle and find the best color contrast.

This was a project of a trekking or training bottle, which serves to drink contaminated water, through a system of activated carbon filters, as a way to diversify its production 

Posible sketch.png


This is one of many prototypes made from scratch, for clients or personal use. This prototype was commissioned by a state department, to generate a series of pieces to assemble a small CNC in order to help students at schools to draw circuits for electronic boards.

The best way to understand how a machine works to analyse each part and see how they interact together. Put them to work as a team and see where they fail.

It's an enjoyable process, because you can experiment a lot and reach new results by cheking which steps where the good ones.


In addition to knowing how to solve problems and work with great precision, it is extremely important to have the ability to communicate in a clearer and simple way the work that has been done, because if the client does not understand something or doubt, there is no deal.

I usually dedicate a lot of time and importance to the way in which the project is going to be presented, whether from an oral presentation, animation or static panels. 

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I believe that the way to making the world a better place is to share knowledge and spend part of our personal time helping other people. And I think this is a "must always do"

This photo is from a three month public course tailored for children sponsored by the government, in which they learned to design their toys, draw them with a 3D open source software and materialize them with a 3D Printer. 

It was a huge success, the children that we have at the course attended to all the lessons and reached the results they had expected.


Make your own website they said, it's gonna be funny they said..