Yep, I spent a lot of years studying, after school I did 4 years of Psocology but I dind't fit in there, I wanted to help people, but when I realized that anyone can do social work from the stuff they like and decided to change. I joined the Industrial Design carrier in my city and I cracked it, got a scholarship and consequently of this, got an other scholarship as student exchange to finish my studies in Barcelona. 



In my twenties, I realized that what I always liked to do is design. The whole process of having an idea and bringing it to earth, dealing with gravity and and the particularities of materials.

This is a redesign of a Precious Plastic shredder, made for a client that wanted to put some of them in public spaces to enable people and collectors to shredntheir plastics waste.

The course of the process of design in this case was set to optimise material, only use one type of squared section tube and only one steel sheet. And the machines used where a laser cutter, folding machine and MIG welding. This project was really entertaining.

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